Privacy Policy

Welcome to our privacy policy page. We invite you to read our privacy policy and get-to-know about our way of storing and using the information we receive from you. By using Hoodi, you agree to the privacy points described below and you allow us to store and use your personal information in the ways mentioned. If you disagree with any idea, phrase or word of this policy, please stop using Hoodi or contact us for further inquiries.

Collecting and using Information

Through our website, iOS and Android apps we collect various personal information that is only intended to be used for better user-experience, future improvements, ad placements, measuring trends and solving problems. The collected data include your operating system, IP address, demographics, browser information, browsing trends, date and duration spent on Hoodi and your mobile phone model. Needless to mention, your personal information includes your first and last name, date of birth, nationality and neighborhood.

Like many other online services, we use cookies(anonymous small bits of data stored in your hard drive) to track your visit on our platform. These technologies are only intended to improve your experience on Hoodi, track your online habits , protect you from possible threats and constantly gain automatic useful feedback. As our servers do not comply with “Do not track signals”, switching off cookies in your browser might prevent you from logging in.

Verification and privacy

Upon signing up on Hoodi, we collect your personal information such as your email address, first and last name, date of birth, nationality, neighborhood, and other information asked. In case, you are signing up with Facebook or Google Plus or third parties, our servers (on your approval) automatically retrieves this information in addition with any publicly available info. Hoodi uses this information to verify your accounts and to serve your relevant content. It might also be used to serve targeted advertisements. Upon account creation a verification email is always sent to your email address for your approval (unverified accounts are not allowed to persist and thus removed subsequently).

Our users are allowed to share their personal information such as name, address, neighborhood, phone numbers, photos and personal interests publicly or within their neighborhood. With few exceptions like the name and profile photo, users can configure their profile settings and decide what information is intended to be displayed publicly. Moreover, Hoodi reserves the right to terminate or suspend a member's account without any prior notice.


Although there is no surefire method, technology or mechanism that completely guarantees us against security risks, loopholes and information breach, still we strive to create and adopt latest modern techniques and system that ensure maximum online security to our members. This brings it to a harsh fact that we cannot, In any case, guarantee absolute security.

Future changes in privacy policy

This privacy policy is applicable on all our members as soon as they sign up for Hoodi. We reserve the right to update this page accordingly and it is expected that members visit this page periodically. On each update, we will notify our members either through an email or displaying the updated privacy policy notification prominently on our website. Important to mention: The continual usage of Hoodi means your acknowledgment of the fact that you agree to all the updates that have been posted on this page and you are, by all means, abided by the present and future privacy policies mentioned here.

Last updated: February 25, 2016.