Respecting others opinion

  • Disagreement is a natural phenomenon. Abusive language is not. Respect your neighbors and restrict your comments to issues.
  • At all cost, avoid personal attacks, racial comments or any discrimination based on caste and creed.
  • Do not try to dominate your hood and circles by posting irrelevant and spamy content.

Be yourself

  • Use your real name. Avoid nicknames and abbreviations.
  • Honestly tell your neighbors about yourself.
  • Use a real photo as display picture.

Share content that adds value

  • Inappropriate content that seems selfish or more of an advertisement is of no value to your neighbors.
  • Instead, adopt a sharing gesture. Look for ways you can be of help to your neighborhood.
  • Answer neighbors’ queries and observe a welcoming attitude to build your reputation.
  • Sharing is caring. Share things with your neighbors and give away items that are no longer in your use. There is no better feeling than helping others!
  • Talk about important neighborhood issues. Indulge in healthy community-talks.
  • Inform your neighbors about upcoming events.
  • Remember: A neighbor in need is a neighbor indeed.

Some of your Questions:

Q. Why should I sign up and create a profile?
Because connecting with your neighbors was never so easy. When you sign up, you become part of a vibrant neighborhood community, allowing you to interact, share and collaborate with neighbors who care.
Q. How Hoodi verifies its members?
Our verification mechanism is location based. When you sign up, we retrieve your location and verify your belonging in your neighborhood.
Q. How are hoods created?
Our team has thoroughly studied the demographics of areas we operate in. Through this procedure, we identify and create the neighborhoods for you - solely designed to flourish.
Q. What if my neighborhood is not listed?
Our bad. We might have missed it or maybe it’s an area we don’t operate in. In either case, feel free to suggest your neighborhood at
Q. Can I change my neighborhood?
Of course. In case you have moved to a new neighborhood, simply go to edit hood and change it accordingly.
Q. How can I edit my profile info?
In the menu, go to profile info and edit it the way you want! We strongly encourage you to be more expressive about yourself; You never know who might get impressed.
Q. Can I change which notifications to receive?
Yes, notifications are customizable. You can enable or disable them is the settings section. However, you can’t really disable the fire alarm notification! Do you want to?
Q. What are circles?
Circles are just like groups for neighbors sharing common interests. They can be joined by anyone in the same area. If you have the permission you can post in a Circle that you’ve joined. Circles can vary from a police agency to your city news providers or your residential building.
Q. Who’s managing my building’s circle?
The same person who is managing your building. This is usually done after your building partners with Hoodi. Then you can receive regularly updates about the latest concerns and happenings, your building’s notice board, plus the exclusive fire alarm feature.
Q. How can I post in the feed?
Tap on the pen in the feed section! Your post must include at least a description. Illustrate your content with photos because “A picture is worth a thousand words” and don’t forget to add a catchy title!
Q. What are other types of post?
Circle managers and verified users are allowed to post warnings and neighborhood threats. Moreover, you will also get-to-see updates on upcoming events and promotions running in your neighborhood.
Q. How does the fire alarm feature work?
This is a feature that is exclusively designed for buildings for the moment. If you have joined your building’s circle, you will be notified in milliseconds in case of fire! (Well, there will be no delays on our side. Just make sure your building manager won’t panic)
Q. What happens when someone approves my post or reply?
You can receive a notification if you chose to, plus you will earn reputation points.
Q. What can I do to help reduce inappropriate content?
Content that doesn’t comply with our set guidelines can be easily reported by just tapping the report button under each post.
Q. What about my reputation?
You don’t get it in the first place. As they say “it is earned.” Share useful content, get approved and earn reputation points. You can always check it in the menu.
Q. Why some users are marked as verified?
There are two types of verified users: Circle managers and neighbors with an impressive reputation. We verify them so that you can trust their activity.
Q. How can I post an item for sale?
Simply, visit the bazaar section, tap to list new item, fill in the fields. Boom!
Q. What’s allowed to be listed in the Bazaar?
You must strictly follow your country and area laws. Any illegal item is not allowed to be listed, for further info you can refer to terms and conditions. We can’t be held responsible if a breach happens however we reserve the right to identify and expose any member who didn’t abide.
Q. How can I buy something I found in Bazaar?
Whenever you see an item worth buying, check the location of the seller. Contact him/her through email, voice call or SMS. Decide on whether to meet in person or get things done virtually. Side note: We are currently working on enabling private messaging between neighbors.
Q. Why is my account blocked? How can I reactivate it?
You might have violated our guidelines or your content has been reported repeatedly. In either case, you can write us at if you feel it was an accident.